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Valtopina and the National Exhibition Market of the Truffle
The origin of the city of Valtopina is to seek within the Roman period and the construction of the via Flaminia, in the III century B.C., the important artery along which rose developed and numerous lived centres.

The territory is composed by a whole centres from the small dimensions, for the most greater part ancient suburbs of medieval origin.

The landscape is uncontaminated, and the activities are those traditional and tied up to the territory. A place of relief is deserved to the extraction of the truffle, the famous tuber object of the Exhibition Market that every year is held in Valtopina in November, one of the most appreciated gastronomic demonstrations in Umbria and in Italy.

From over twenty-five years this event attracts numerous tourists, visitors and impassioned of the truffle, attracted from the exposure and from the sale of this jewel fruit of the earth and prince of the table.

During the National Exhibition Market of the Truffle will be possible not only to purchase this product of excellence of our gastronomy, but hoarding of other local products as the lentils, the boletus, the spelt and other typical specialities of the zone.

Besides the gastronomic stands are organised also conferences and contests, obviously devoted to the truffle and all of its facets, gastronomic and cultural. They follow the tasting and the National Concourse of "Dogs for truffle", a competition that sees in challenge the true protagonists in the search of the circle tuber.

From a few years the commune of Valtopina has introduced another interesting demonstration, directs to preserve the memory of ancient works of which awareness slowly loses him. This takes place in September: the Exhibition Market of the Hand Embroidery and the Handicraft Fabric, inside which a contest is inserted organised from the School of Embroidery " Filo Filo " of Valtopina. At the end of the contest all the reached works will be exposed in a show and visible by the public.
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