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The ''defeat of the Trasimeno'' and the triumph of Tuoro on the Trasimeno
At Tuoro is recalled ''Mission Hannibale'', history of the trap extended by the Carthaginian army to the Roman legion on the hills behind the lake Trasimeno

It was on the shores of the lake Trasimeno and near Tuoro the first and most serious defeat of the mighty Roman army, made even more terrible from the fear that such episode could be the first footstep toward the conquest of Rome. This event is known also by whom are not impassioned of history. During the Second Punic War, initiated in the 219 B.C., Hannibal crosses the Alps and point right toward Rome, hoping to lift the italic people and to draw them to his part. Rome sends its legionaries to try to stop its advance, driven by the consul Caio Flaminio Nepote. Hannibal decided not to face the Roman troops in open field, but to prepare its army to surround the hold northern valley of the long Trasimeno which the Roman legionaries marched. When the order of assault was given there was no escape for the Romans, which, further to a resounding defeat, they had numerous losses.

It was the 217 B.C., but every year at Tuoro is possible to find again themselves in that suggestive atmosphere, making a step back over two millennia, participating in the historical representation of the very famous '' Battle of the Trasimeno ''. The '' Mission Hannibal '' is a theatrical itinerant path during which the spectator is frequently involved in the event by the actors, during which represent the fundamental moments of the clash.

Whoever is interested can deepen every sort of matter connected to the '' defeat of the Trasimeno '' going to the '' Centre of Permanent Documentation on the Battle of the Trasimeno '', or crossing the '' Crossed historical-archaeological of the Battle of the Trasimeno ''. The layout is found in the immediate proximity of Tuoro, and foresees the visit of nine places of interest, through which is possible to gather an ample view of the theatre of the clash, the exact point in which the troops of the Roman army were taking in trap and the zones in which the Carthaginian army waited for for to strike. Every covers is marked from explanatory panels that illustrate the course of the conflict. The path is absorbed in the green, and besides furnishing precious historical indications, offers also panoramas that open on the country of Tuoro and on the lake Trasimeno, which loads extraordinary meanings in virtue of the events of which has been theatre well more than two millennia. History and landscape are melted in Tuoro to show its natural beauties to the visitor, forged by the time and by the men, from the armies and from the battles, from the victories and from the defeats, in a remote past that has remained entangled between its hills and its valleys, exposed to the curious looks of the tourists.
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