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The black celery of Trevi
Discovering of a garrison '' slow food '', rich of gastronomic tradition, between secular olive and the black celery, a vegetable from the incomparable taste

Who believed that the celeries were all similars, has to retract him, since once tasted the celery of Trevi, inevitably becomes more demanding. In a slender and selected strip of ground, inclusive between Borgo and the river Clitunno, clayey, damp and very fertile, a group of farmers have realised a small agricultural miracle: the black celery of Trevi. It's a typology of celery very appreciated by the very dark colour and by the very woody aspect. For this reason it suffers further workmanship and trials, as the burial, getting so a celery from the white coasts, without threads and a very tender and rich heart of pulp. Some experts have identified in the sacred waters of the Clitunno the hidden ingredient that more than other contributes to confer aromas and unique perfumes to the vegetable. In every way the result exceptional, and it is a real pity that its marketing is almost totally prevented, because of its scarce production that is just enough to the realisation of the Exhibitoion Market of the Black Celery of Trevi. The cost slightly results increased, because of the thoughtful cares that its cultivation requires. But all these elements compete to create attends towards this vegetable and of the dishes that thanks to it are realised.

There are not only celery here, and coming to the city is noticeable the huge presence of olive, a practically boundless quantity of knotty that stems winding the city. The road that conducts in the city centre from the lower part, unties its ample coils through a sharp pain green forest that winds Trevi in a soft cloud of leaves and olives. The elevated quality of the produced oil is recognised by the connoisseurs, and not casually the centre of the Presidency of the association National City of the oil is in Trevi.

Being such products considered as seasoning or contour for courses of greater merit, the ability and the care of the man has also raised them to the rank of absolute protagonists of the table. Among the a lot of recipes that the kitchen can propose, we suggest to taste mixing them as less as possible to other foods. A dish of the poor tradition imposes necessity to the attention, the pinzimonio, that allows to combine in the case of Trevi and to exalt the gustatory feelings that these two champions of the gastronomy can offer.
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