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The Torgiano Wine Museum
The territory of the suburb of Torgiano develops along the hills that overhang the valley where it flows the river Chiascio, in the point in which it meets the Tiber, near Perugia. The name of Torgiano comes from the contraction of ''Torre di Giano'', the way according to which was called the tower of watch, in the past included in a fortitude that, as once, still today dominates the cultivated fields and the grapevine. The grapevine is undisputed protagonist of this part of Umbria finding in the grounds and in the environment of Torgiano the correct mixture to express its features at best. The vine that better interprets such vocation is the Sangiovese, from which is obtained the delicious nectar called Torgiano Rosso Riserva, one among the best results of the national oenology. The Wine Museum is devoted to this marvellous fruit of the earth, realised and managed by the Foundation Lungarotti, inside the seventeenth-century noble building of the family Graziani Baglioni. Active since 1974, the museum is one of the most complete espositive realities devoted to the cultivation of the grapevine in all of its facets. The itinerary climbs among 20 rooms in which are picked around three thousand elements, for a fascinating trip in the world of the wine. You departs from the origins, from the wine-growing, from the commerce and from the use of the wine in the classical age, to pass then to the techniques of wine-growing and wine making. Ample space is devoted to the recoveries, to the tied up archaeological finds, to the territory and the ceramics. Very interesting they are besides the collection of graphic material as incisions and sketches, but also the itinerary crossed through the collection of ancient texts and the modern literature and their way of treating the wine-growing and the wine. An ample shows the attention that popular writers, popularises, almanacs, experts and connoisseurs of every time have reserved to the cultivation of the grapevine and to all of this that wheel around the wine.
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