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Todi: welcome in our fifth Millennium
A visit to the city of Todi, 4000 years of half history between myth and legend

The history of the city of Todi is measured with the meter of the millennia, and the origins of its foundation take root in the ground of the myth, as every time happens it proceeds to bashful in the time so much to fund that the history changes in legend. Millennia and people have delivered a precious jewel that the talent of the man has realised to Umbria and the whole world, and the time has preserved, as Todi appears to us today. Stone by stone, house by house, every generation has enriched with its own contribution the urban structure with buildings and structures that, in full harmony, constitute a complex uniform of uncontaminated beauty. This incessant process extends itself from more than four millennia, since, as enacted by the legend, the city of Todi was founded 2000 years before the birth of Christ. The concept of '' ancient '' assumes so new meanings, and is not known anymore if, after having crossed more than 40 centuries, is the oldest city or the most futuristic, projected in its fifth millennium of life. It's enough to reach piazza del Popolo and to cross it in long and in wide, to walk in every direction, to beware of every side. If you will have the impression to find yourself in one of the most fascinating places to the world, don't be surprised. Maybe it's just like that. If you aren't satisfied yet, repeat the experiment walking for the streets and the city squares. The result is guaranteed.
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