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Terni, history of a city forged in the steel
Terni is the city that more than every other in Italy has suffered the charm of the industrialisation in the modern epoch. More than every other city it is identified with the idea of progress and industry making its elevated productive ability available for the nation.

Already between the XVIII and XIX century they rose the first workshops, fed by the energy produced exploiting her huge water resources. The real acceleration was immediately had beginning from the first years to the unity of Italy, when initially in 1880, and in 1884 then, Terni was founded the Factory of the Weapons and the steelworks. The government chose Terni as ideal centre and nucleus of the grandiose industries from which a dawning modern nation could not miss. An abundant water provisioning and the strategic position in the hinterland were the conditions that favoured the unbelievable development of the industrial pole of Terni. These are the years of the great transformation, the urban centre changes radically, it prepares to entertain an always increasing population. It is born so the legend of the Italian Manchester.

Big part of the production of its factories initially serves for supporting the war industry. The weapons with which the Great War was fought, the guns, the caresses of the ships of the Italian Navy, and anything that has a metallic sound and shining aspect it seems to come from this portion of Umbria. Even the fascism appropriates of this '' dynamism '' (Terni will be defined by Mussolini '' dynamic city ''), turning it into one of the myths of the regime.

The city ties always more itself to the destiny of its industries, whole districts are born for welcoming workers, every sort of manpower, employees and business pictures. Terni becomes the model of a futuristic city-factory.

Then the years of the Second World War and the bombardments came, which attacked furiously the buildings and the civil population, with a frequency and such an intensity to be put on knee any economy. The factories and the industries were miraculously however uninjured. They did the expenses of it the inhabitants, among which will count around them a thousand of victims.

The industry and Terni steel in the post-war period will improve the fates of a harshly stricken population, but the age of the gold and the dynamism are only a past, forcing '' The Terni '' to continuous bets and re-conversions, like the birth of a centre of production of special steels and the privatisation. The remaining is chronicle.
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