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Spoleto, a Festival city
The wonder of a place among the most beautiful in Umbria, its churches and fortitudes. And its Festival, prestigious demonstration among the most admired and celebrated in the world

Spoleto is certainly one of the wonder of Umbria, city rich in art and culture, able to exhibit a historical and environmental patrimony of full respect. It's centre of prestigious international demonstrations as the extraordinary Festival of the Two Worlds, one of the most attended events of the year, magnificent showcase for Italy in the world. Born in the 1958 thanks to the appointment of the composer Gian Carlo Menotti, it is today one of the most known and appreciated realities, not only from the fan of music, prose, dance, ballet, cinema and painting, but also from those people who don't want to miss the occasion to participate to one of the most refined cultural events. The city of Spoleto and its monuments are a splendid frame for this and for all the other events that during the year they contribute to strengthen that vivacious and fizzy atmosphere, typical of a loaded place of history and creative energy.

The numerous buildings that compose the urban profile of Spoleto are by now the real icons, from the Piazza del Duomo to the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, and Rocca Albornoziana and Ponte delle Torri. The visitor that will reach Spoleto for the first time will be abducted from its charm and from the various possibilities offered, for a vacation that reconciles at best an interesting cultural trip, in an environmental and natural context of absolute relief. The hills in the outskirts are a real monument to the olive-tree, plant that grows luxuriant and it characterises the landscape in an unmistakable way. To the city beauties it is added also the production of the extra-virgin-oil, other symbol of Spoleto and of the whole local kitchen, firmly anchored to the gastronomic tradition.

Spoleto is a modern and dynamic city, in which integrate the two different souls: the monumental antiquities and the fresh and bright initiatives, that make this place one of the most visited of Umbria and whole Italy.
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The Festival of the two Worlds of Spoleto - It's the prince cultural event of Spoleto, a rich assortment of shows that space from the dance to the work, from the poetry to the prose and the ballet, without fo... Spoleto_country_houses
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