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The Towers of Spello
The magnificent city of Spello and its monumental doors, a fairy landscape to the strata of the Subasio

Umbria is rich in medieval landscapes, and even if each introduces peculiar features, Spello is surely one of its more precious jewels and admired. Seen by the outside it appears to the visitor a city from the unreal beauty, as its grandiose monuments seem to postpone to a medieval imaginary, more than the result of a precise urban conception. Exactly like that appear the mighty Torri di Properzio to the sides of Porta Venere, a defensive complex to protection of the main entry. It's so splendid to belong more to the world of the imagination than to the solid reality. Solid they are instead the two dodechaedral plant towers, a real hymn to the medieval imagination, under which the three forensic of Porta Venere open.

There is then the Porta Consolare, drier and austere, of Augustan age, endowed with three entries surmounted by three statues of Roman origin.

The suggestions of which Spello becomes wealthy don't exhaust however in its monuments. In the evening its buildings become flushed of rosy tones, a gift of the sunset reflected by the bricks and by the stones of the Subasio of which they are constituted. The panorama becomes wealthy of further charm, the buildings and the shades of the city become animated increasing the fairy poetry that gives the atmosphere of Spello.
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