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The green paths of the park of Sigillo
At Sigillo numerous itineraries weave to the shade of the Mount Cucco Regional Park

Sigillo is entirely a serene suburb absorbed in the natural beauties of the Mount Cucco Regional Park, environmental oasis dominated by the '' good giant '', a placid presence that from its 1.566 meters high it dominates uncontested the whole territory. From Sigillo numerous itineraries depart forwarding until in the heart of the Park, each of which can satisfy the different inclinations of the visitors. They can be practised afoot or in bicycle, to visit the caves of Mount Cucco or to practise every type of outdoor sport. Also the free flight is possible, since comfortable roads conduct to suitable points of take-off from which practising and the impassioned can freely take the flight. There regularly take place national and international competitions, while in 1999 the World Championship of Free Flight was held, to which have taken part more than 180 pilots. Such vocation is strengthened by the creation of the University of the Free Flight, a didactic structure, able to offer itself also as receptive structures.

The nature in the Mount Cucco Regional Park allows to admire it in its shine, showing the best that is able to offer. The uncontaminated beauty of the environment is guaranteed from the presence of its natural inhabitants, as the royal eagle, the wolf, the real owl and all the other silent custodians of pure places, places to be seen, to taste, and to live.
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