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The itineraries of Sellano
A fascinating run between the uncontaminated environment and the show of the falls of the stream Le Rote

Sellano is a small village that rises in the full centre of the Umbrian sub-Appennino, at 640 meters high, where it dominates uncontested a sacred respect for the natural environment. The urban structure is that typical of a strengthened castle, that in the past has had a certain importance as place of passage along precious streets of communication that connected the Valnerina with Foligno and Spoleto. Its wealth entirely derives from the harmony and from the equilibrium reached between the human installation and the natural and landscape resources. Sharp pains forests of oaks and holm-oaks, raced of water rich of trots and shrimps of river, a brushwood full of appreciated mushrooms, hypocrites and chestnuts habit this place. Particularly interesting they are the itineraries along its mountains. One of the most fascinating is the path that foresees the departure from Sellano, arriving to the falls of the stream Le Rote and return, it's long around ten kilometres to cross in few more than four hours. It's a real immersion in the most typical vegetation and fauna of Appennino, where every footstep forwards on paths that bring astutely in the heart of nature. But the itineraries that Sellano offers aren't all here. Other paths conduct to the discovery of the historical-artistic beauties of the territory. Very suggestive it's the visit of the testimonies of the ancient castles of the Dukedom of Spoleto and the Dukedom of the Varano, directly passing inside the Valle del Vigi.
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