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Scheggia and Pascelupo: the Paths of Italy between hermitages and canyon
A trip in the heart of the nature along the layout that crosses the whole Appennino along the paths that unite beauties environmental and suggestive mystical places

Surrounded by mountains rich in fauna and vegetation, in the territory of Scheggia and Pascelupo the nature dominates uncontested, furnishing more than one motive of attraction. Its origin, situated approximately in the III A.C. century, is tied to the presence of the via Flaminia, when its strategic position made it witness of a certain development. Today the typical element is constituted by the beauty of the surrounding environment, guaranteed by the institution of the Mount Cucco Park, inside which Scheggia and Pascelupo don't certainly have a smaller part. The suggestion of the places and the charm of the panoramas that can be enjoyed by the surrounding relieves, have determined the insertion of the Mount Calvario as stage of the Path of Italy that races along the whole Appennino. All the surrounding mountains are crossed by numerous paths, well signalled and easily practicable, which allow rapid moves from one peak to the other, allowing the sight not to lose anything of the diffused and spectacular panoramas. Than pass from the rocky peak and from the throats of the Corno and the Catria, to the Valle delle Prigioni, coming up to the magnificent Canyon of Rio Freddo. This last one is an imposing prodigy of the nature and time, a furrow dug in a million years by the wide stream around four kilometres. With the help of the guides is possible to advance along the river, following its course among the dizzy walls of the canyon, among the tides, lakes and falls.

The natural show that springs from these places should have offered more than few religious suggestions to the many mystical who around the year thousand have populated the mountains with numerous hermitages and abbeys. They rose so that buildings of cult and prayer dipped in the green, or to the feet of the rock, to narrow contact with the nature and with God. We find so the hermitage of San Girolamo of Mount Cucco, the Abbey of Sant'Emiliano in Congiuntoli them and the Abbey of Sitria, audacious, severe and rigorous constructions, out of the world but in perfect harmony with the nature and all of what transcends it.
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