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San Venanzo: the Volcano, the Museum and the Venanzite
The discreet charm of the Volcano of San Venanzo, the thundering mountain of Umbria

The Palazzo Faina of San Venanzo entertains the Volcanologist Museum, in which is collected the whole interesting material that concerns the mineralogical and palaentologic reality of that area of the Mount Peglia dominated by the presence of the volcano. The volcano of San Venanzo is divided in three distinguished buildings, San Venanzo, Pian di Celle and Celli. In the museum is possible to see a precise and detailed reconstruction of the geologic area interested by the volcanic phenomenon, with particular reference to that unique singleness in its kind, the venanzite. This mineral introduces features that distinguish it from every other and seem to be present only at San Venanzo, from which has taken the name. Besides the mineralogical section, where an ample space is devoted to the venanzite, a section has been developed reserved to the palaeontology, in which is admirable an egg of dinosaur, a tread of a dinosaur, a Psittacosaurus from the beak of parrot, a molar of a mammoth and other important finds recovered in the zone. Particularly interesting is the audio-video room, turned into the didactics, in which slides, images and tapes are projected related to the activity of the volcano of San Venanzo and to the seismic activity in Umbria. The visit to the museum doesn't end however among its four boundaries, but involves also an open-air path that unties in an itinerary of around two kilometres, along the slopes of the volcano of Mount Peglia, to admire the geological and morphological features.
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