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Sant'Anatolia di Narco, a village in the Valnerina
The little town Sant'Anatolia di Narco is a wonderful medieval village, narrow and retired on a low hill it maintains unaltered its characteristics of a fortified castle. The old town centre is surrounded by the ancient walls which opened themselves for the three ancient gates, that allowed the entrance into the populated centre, and of which one is still well conserved. Many watchtowers completed the defence structure.

Its origins are age-old. It was one of the first settlements along the banks of the river Nera. There settled the Naharci, the original inhabitants of this territory, from whom the river, the valley and the town Sant'Anatolia took their name.
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Sant'Anatolia di Narco: the Church of San Felice - One of the most important and interesting centres of Sant'Anatolia di Narco is for sure the hamlet Castel San Felice, another fortified village with a strong... Sant_Anatolia_di_Narco_country_houses
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