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The water of San Gemini, a sip of health
From the Martani Mountains gush out the waters that have made famous all over the world San Gemini for their goodness and the curative ownership

San Gemini is a marvellous suburb of medieval origin, risen along the layout of the via Flaminia. It owes its name to the presence and the preaching of a Syrian monk, Gemine, arrived in the territory at the end of the VIII century to escape the persecutions.

But the city is known above all for the goodness of its mineral waters that plentiful gush out from the sources, and for the effectiveness of the thermal treatments. It's an annual destination of numerous tourists that choose to associate the care and comfort of their own body to the visit of a suburb that faithfully maintains its peculiar native features.

The sources of the waters of San Gemini are born from the Martani Mountains, in an uncontaminated environmental and natural context, such to guarantee its exceptional purity, as real mirror of the territory. The valley and the rocks from which they gush out abundant, maintain unchanged the features and the ownership that make of San Gemini a particularly place for every kind of care and therapy allowed by this precious resource.
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The Geolab in San Gemini, the '' Laboratory of the Sciences of the Earth '' - It's a modern expositive space and didactic thought specifically to satisfy the curiosity of the children, very useful however also for the adults. The rooms of the Geo... San_Gemini_country_houses
San_Gemini_hotels Carsulae, the buried city of San Gemini - Already known in the XVII century the ancient Roman site of Carsulae was brought to new shine only in the second halves the XX century. Along the oath of via Fla... San_Gemini_hotel
San_Gemini_bed_and_breakfast Opera Museum '' Guido Calori '' of San Gemini - The Cloister of the ex Convent of the poor clares since 1987 is centre of the Opera Museum of Guido Calori, polyhedral artist born in Rome, per... San_Gemini_handicraft
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