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Porano the Etruscan
A travel discovering an important Etruscan garrison, within a step from Orvieto

Porano rises above a sweet slope between the territory of Orvieto and the Lazio. The urban conformation is that typical of the strengthened suburb, as the solid intact boundaries nearly show. The celebrity of Porano is tightly tied to the discovery of the Golini and the Hescana Graves, sites that have furnished notable information respect the uses and the customs of the Etruscan population.

The family that has left the sign in the city more than every other is the Avveduti ones, native of Orvieto, but beginning from the XIV as owner of everything of relief. The actual Town Hall is situated in the ancient residence of the noble family Avveduti, as it points out the coat of arms above the most greater portal.

Other place symbol of Porano is the San Biagio Church, a building of the XIII century that during the last centuries has suffered notable rehashes and transformations. In the inside is possible however to admire some frescos of notable relief, that one devoted to '' San Biagio '' and the '' 'Annunciation '', both realised in the XIV century.

Further to be an important archaeological site for what concerns the development of the Etruscan civilisation, Porano, and precisely in the eighteenth-century Villa Paolina, is located the Centre of Scientific Research of Agriculture Institute of the CNR. Around the villa, a rich green park rises one of the most beautiful of Italy, centre of botanical searches and the work of maintenance and qualification of the different species. Inside the park of the villa, besides, every year there are entertained national and international horse exhibitions of great importance and great call for the impassioned of the sector.

Near the city centre is found the thirteenth-century Castel Ribello, a magnificent strengthened castle protected from four towers built in 1200.

At Porano therefore weave a lot of realities, and the tourist that will decide to spend the vacations or that stops only for a brief standstill, he won't remain disappointed thanks to the lot of offered alternatives. The calm that he breathes among the boundaries of the suburb is often a mirage in the life of every day, but not at Porano, where the time slowly articulates its rhythms. The country and the surrounding green, the rivers and its hills are the ideal frame of a pleasant place and away from the chaos, where to live in contact with the nature in the simplest and direct way. But calm and serenity doesn't mean boredom and immobility at all, since the numerous initiatives of Porano will make the stay rich and amusing.

There is then the Etruscan world, all to discover through the recoveries of the sepulchres near Porano, in Belvedere, Molinella and Settecamini, a site of absolute interest, where the traces of the ancient population speak to us of their way of conceiving life and death.

To only 11 kilometres from Orvieto, it'is the proper place for who looks for a vacation that allows to reconcile a suitable rest in a healthy environment and the artistic stimulation that a territory from the immense cultural patrimony proposes.
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Porano: the Golini and the Hescana Graves - Near Porano have been recovered some precious Etruscan graves, two of them take the name from the Orvieto archaeologist that discovered them in 1836 and the grave of the H... Porano_country_houses
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