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Polino: the jewel of the Appennino
The suburb of Polino and its 200 inhabitants, the '' highest '' ones of Umbria

Polino is a small but attractive suburb of medieval origin. Castled to 835 meters high is the one placed at the most higher altitude in the whole Umbria. Situated in a marvellous panoramic position, it leans out on the Valnerina and on the lake of Piediluco. It was for a long time historically a territory of great importance, primarily for its position of zipper between Spoleto and the Sabina.

The healthy environment and the uncontaminated nature are the main ingredients that contribute to create a climate of enormous serenity and calm. Numerous are the hilly paths to explore, as the paths equipped for the trekking and excursions of great charm. Everything appears preserved, also thanks to the low density of population of a commune that counts around 200 inhabitants. It's in fact the smallest Umbrian town hall, a real jewel of the Appennino. The ancient part, surrounded by a double entourage of boundaries, is gathered around of the characteristic elements of Polino, like the Church of San Michele Arcangelo and the Rocca of the '500s.

The Church of San Michele has been built in the XVI century, but various interventions have been effected since then. The façade is in stone simple and elegant. Above to the beautiful portal there is a fanlight containing a fresco depicting the '' Madonna with Child ''. The Rocca is a construction of Renaissance epoch, composed from more cylindrical towers. Other important element is the Fountain of Piazza Marconi, realised in 1625. The prospectus in marble is linear and refined, in perfect mannerist style. It has in the superior part an element of decorum containing the coat of arms of the family Castelli, while to the base the tank is adorned by statues inspired to the sea theme.
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The Museum of the Umbrian Appennino of Polino - It's set into the places of the Rocca di Polino, thought for furnishing valid didactic material to the children and the schools. Divided in two sections, the first ... Polino_country_houses
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