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Ornithology, the passion of Pietralunga
In the commune of Pietralunga the most greater Umbrian exposure, a real faun map of the Appennino

The Ornithological Museum '' Silvio Bambini '' is located inside the Naturalistic Oasis of Candeleto, and collect the present fauna in the Umbrian territory. Over 280 varieties of birds and 40 mammals constitute the present vast harvest of samples in the region, dedicated to the impassioned of the sector, both to whoever wants to know more about it. Inside the two didactic laboratories is possible to learn notions respect the air and the flight of the birds, on the wood and its inhabitants. The Museum is born thanks to the wish and the passion of Silvio Bambini, who began embalming birds and mammals that risked to disappear from the panorama of the Umbrian Appennino beginning from 1969, reaching then to realise a complete faun map.

But the environmental and naturalistic vocation of Candeleto has gone beyond the Ornithological Museum, with the completion of the Didactic Wood, it is possible to observe from near the over 300 different arboreal kinds that populates the whole peninsula. Articulated in different sections, in the '' Bush '' they find space the autochthonous kinds, the exotic kinds installed for the reforestation, the ornamental exotic plants and the hybrids, constituting a section of everything has at least a stem, roots and a present leaf on the national territory.
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