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Piegaro, a history of glass
The adventure of a colony of ledger glassworkers that from Venice reached Piegaro

When a small group of ledger glassworkers arrived from Venice came near the lake Trasimeno, they immediately realised that from that abundance of coppice wood surrounding Piegaro was certainly possible to draw something of good. They decided so to turn on their furnaces not to extinguish them anymore. They transmitted all of their art and all of their wisdom to the inhabitants of the place that never stopped during the centuries producing splendid objects in glass elegantly worked. Still in 1921 on 600 inhabitants, 400 of them were devoted to the workmanship of the glass. The ancient teachers scattered anywhere their manufactured articles, contributing to embellish the most imposing and prestigious buildings in the whole Umbria. In the 1310 Lorenzo Maitani wanted them to realise the glass door of the transept and the apse of the Duomo of Orvieto. But even the duke Ascanio Della Corgna didn't wanted to deprive himself of their work, commissioning them in the 1580 numerous realisations. Then, new works for the Duomo of Orvieto. A history of '' glass '' that of Piegaro's, but not at all fragile, that is handed down of century in century and of generation in generation and that it withstands the usury of the time and the elements. The commune of Piegaro has recently given life to a project to realise a Museum of the Glass, that celebrate both the greatness of the art of the teachers and their manufactured articles.
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