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Perugia under the stars of Umbria Jazz
From over thirty years Perugia becomes in the July the world capital of the Jazz, entertaining the artists that makes famous this musical kind, recalling thousand of impassioned. It's worth of Umbria Jazz, known musical festival all over the world, which, introducing every year a program of high quality, it conjugates live in the best way an uproarious success of public to the absolute value of the musicians which give marvellous performance. The city of Perugia becomes animated of the best music, expresses in all its forms, making its roads a place loaded of magic in every moment of the day and the night.

The Jazz becomes absolute protagonist, emerging from every alley, square or local, filling all the available spaces with its suggestive and fascinating sound.

Thanks to the regal wise of the organisers of Umbria Jazz, that what once was a Festival reserved to few intimate and amateurs, is today an appointment known to the great public that crowds the exhibitions of those that by now they are considered of the real beniaminis.

The best artists of the world musical panorama meet every year at Perugia, some becoming in the time real fixed guests as Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, while among Italians Enrico Rava, Paul Fresu and many others are distinguished.

Among those who have contributed to give greater shine and visibility to Umbria Jazz in the last years, remain graven in the memory the concerts of Eric Clapton, James Brown, John Lewis, Elton John, Burt Bacharach, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Paolo Conte, Vinicio Capossela, Nicola Arigliano and Renzo Arbore, to who for different years the artistic direction of the Festival has been submitted.

The energy of Umbria Jazz doesn't exhaust in the summer, dragging itself well over the limits of the demonstration of July, always extending its own activity along the whole period of the year in new and different forms. At Orvieto in winter it goes to scene Umbria Jazz Winter, while in concomitance with the summer demonstration, the Umbria Jazz Clinics, in collaboration with the Berklee Summer School, organises courses and jazz lessons for musicians of every level. There are lots of demonstrations that tied up to Umbria Jazz are propagated out the regional and national confinements as the Ischia Jazz Weekend, Umbria Jazz Balcanic Windows Against Racism or the initiatives to the help of people in difficulty, what Umbria Jazz Loves New Orleans, a harvest of funds to be destined to the motherland of Jazz with which Perugia has not a casual connection.
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