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The suburb of Penna in Teverina
Marvellous medieval suburb placed on the valley of the Tiber, the commune of Penna in Teverina offers to the visitor a splendid landscape in an uncontaminated environment and healthy air, whether to serenely pass brief weekends or long periods of vacation in the most complete quiet. The life in the small village follows ancient rhythms, where each still has a precise role and the human contact has its meaning. Gastronomy is the typical one, the local dishes are prepared with wise mastery, with everything of their load of tastes and perfumes. Particular attention is reserved to the cultivation of the grapevine, since the hills of Penna in Teverina, thanks to their exposure, offer ideal conditions for the maturation of the grapes. One of the central moments of the life of the suburb is the Party of the Grape Harvest, during which are celebrated the results of one year's job. The grapevine is cultivated along the sides of the hills of Penna in Teverina, often from heroic agriculturists that have torn from the nature piece of ground and steep, hardly attainable, but that they give every season enormous satisfactions. Protagonists of the party are therefore the wine, the must, the grapevine, the tubs, the barrels and the wine cellars, but also every other aspect tied to the grapevine, to the vintage and the work of the man. In the period of October the country becomes animated of rural suggestions, the streets and the squares crowd, to taste the wines and local foods and to enjoy open-air shows and music.
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