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Parrano and the Den of the Devil
The fabulous caves of Parrano, a suggestive itinerary between the natural hollow and the origins of the humanity

The origins of Parrano lose themselves in its remote Etruscan past, and first in the inhabited hollow at least since the age of the bronze, from the first men, which were already appropriated in the zone in the Palaeolithic. In 1932 were discovered the Dens of the Devil, a system of caves along a gorge in Fosso del Bagno. In the fund of the hollow created by the stream, around about twenty caves are been explored, inside which have been recovered finds of enormous palaeontology and historical interest, testimony of the presence of primitive men that elected that places to his shelter. For the most greater part it's about alimentary rests, animals and human, rudimentary weapons and various furnishings, today exposed at the National Archaeological Museum of Perugia. The caves are visible through two signalled and very accessible itineraries, one of which directly conducts in the vain called Inferior Main Den, while the other one allows to climb the gorge and to return to Parrano through a path in the country. But the beauties of Parrano are not all anchored to such remote and ancestral history, it could boast a medieval past of great respect. The urban conformation is faithful to the classical structure of the defensive suburb, developed beginning from a castle built in the XI century. Its boundaries are perfectly intact and embattled as the towers, embattled as well. Its two doors, allowing the access at the two sides of the city, are positioned one to the Levant (Porta Piazza) and one to west (Porta Ripa).

The suburb, thanks to an aware work of restoration, appears of an enchanting beauty, where every building is tied up to the other in the most complete harmony. This contributes to create that characteristic climate of serenity and calm that make Parrano the ideal place for long periods of vacation, or simply for a relaxing weekend.
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