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At Paciano the idea of a village becomes the '' ideal village ''
In 1993 the EU assigns to Paciano the recognition of '' Ideal Village '', for its beauty, the maintenance of the suburb and its road conditions

When in 1300 the inhabitants of the '' old '' Paciano decided to abandon their own houses and to move a little bit lower to build their '' new '' Paciano, they never would have believed to get a so tall recognition of their own job. They had the idea to build a marvellously strengthened town, slightly more to valley of that today is called Torre d'Orlando, so they gave life to an '' Ideal Village ''. Such recognition has been decreed in 1993 by the European Community, as '' late '' attested of the good job developed by the ancient inhabitants of Paciano. Inaccessible castle for anybody at that time, and marvellous city in which to live today, it maintains completely unchanged the spellbound charm of a medieval suburb. The idea of an intact place in its native beauty, escaped to the time, is strengthened by the isolation of which Paciano has enjoyed during the centuries and almost up to our time, if we consider that the first real road that connected the village with the world was built in only 1810. The visitor that pass in that suburb won't be able whether to lose himself to immediately find himself in another space and in another time. Recently Paciano has entered into the special club of the Most beautiful Italian Suburbs adding another prestigious frieze to its fame. This recognition is granted with extreme parsimony, since the canons to respect are very restrictive, but whoever goes to Paciano he can realise that the title is broadly deserved. Endless panoramas give calm and serenity of mind, they sustain the smile and they send away the bad mood, while the clear and clean air is the necessary against the daily city stress. Other rhythms and other times govern Paciano, kingdom of the equilibrium of the man with the environment and with himself. Paciano seems to possess the proper tools to unhinge every type of resistance and to set the visitor in his best dispositions, to rapt him and to return him to the world completely regenerated.
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