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Orvieto: a city and its Duomo
The city of Orvieto and what there is to see at a footstep from the Duomo

The image of Orvieto is tied up to the Duomo, its place most known in Italy and in the world. But once arrived in Orvieto you realise soon that a hasty visit is not quite enough. Only for an accurate visit of the Duomo it would serve at least one week. It's like the Louvre. Coming out from the Cathedral it immediately appears evident that the trip is only at the beginning, in a territory rich in art, of culture and of history. Everything of its past is stratified and fixed in its monuments, in the buildings, in the subsoil, where sites and finds old of millennia tell histories waiting to be listened.

The Etruscan past of Orvieto speaks about the greatness of a people and a prosperous and industrious civilisation, and the numerous present traces still increase the charm around this little known reality. Since then every epoch has left indelible signs of its passage enriching the urban structure of the city of a tangle of styles however composed in a superior harmony.
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The Duomo of Orvieto - The origins of the construction of the Duomo
The tradition indicates the construction of the Duomo was the answer of the bishop of Orvieto, Franc... Orvieto_country_houses
Orvieto_hotels All the wines of Orvieto, from the '' classical '' to the '' muffato '' - There are many factors that contribute to make of Orvieto one of the most famous places of wine production in the world. The cultivation of the grapevine has ancien... Orvieto_hotel
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