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The Palio of Nocera Umbra Districts
The Palio of the Districts takes place on first Sundays of August, during which Borgo San Martino and Borgo Santa Croce challenge on various fields, from the equestrian runs to the afoot runs. The most representative among the challenges of the Palio is that named '' Of the Unfaithful Dame '' in memory of a bloody event happened in Nocera Umbra in 1421. Orsolina, wife of Ser Pietro of Rasiglia, saw her own honour covered with mud by the accusation to have woven an adulterous relationship with Nicolò Trinci, member of the noble family of Foligno. The chronicles narrate that Ser Pietro didn't exactly maintain a English behaviour in learning the news, so that he invited in his own possessions some representatives of the family Trinci, killing them while sleeping. It seems that the only one who escape the ferocious revenge of the betrayed husband was Corrado Trinci, who, collecting a conspicuous army, attached Nocera Umbra.

The Palio of the Districts is preceded by a historical procession in medieval custom along the city roads, among dancing parties, music and gastronomic stand.
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