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Montone the proud of the club of the ''most beautiful Italian Suburbs''
A look inside the boundaries of a medieval suburb all to be discovered. And to be lived

Beginning from 2003 the National Association Italian Communes has welcomed Montone in the exclusive club of the most beautiful Italian Suburbs, enacting in this way what many tourists and visitors, as well as the same inhabitants, already knew. This means that Montone was between the medieval suburbs of greater charm and suggestion. To enter the club is not simple, neither automatic. In Italy there are few more than 50 (nine in Umbria with Castiglione del Lago, Corciano, Bevagna, Montefalco, Norcia, Paciano, Trevi and Vallo di Nera), and all submitted to rigid controls to satisfy requisites as the smallness of the population, the state of maintenance, the surrounding landscape and the offered services quality, only to quote some parameters. Montone has brightly overcome the examination, and could not be otherwise, thanks to its apparent beauty.
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Montone between modernity and tradition - The typical feature of the medieval suburb find at Montone one among the most perfect demonstrations. It's introduced as a fortress marvellously strengthened by hig... Montone_country_houses
Montone_hotels The multicultural garrison of Montone: ''Il Tamburo Parlante'' - Beginning from 1993, in another wing of the ex St. Francis Convent, it has centre the Ethnographic Museum Il Tamburo Parlante ("The Speaking Drum... Montone_hotel
Montone_bed_and_breakfast Terry Gilliam, the cinema and Montone Umbria Film Festival - In the small Piazza Fortebraccio, soul of the suburb, every year thousand of meters of film flow projected on a giant screen giving life to the prestigious cinema r... Montone_handicraft
Montone_typical_products The sky above Coloti: the observatory of Montone - Just on to end of the last millennium, in the suburb of Coloti a very ambitious project has taken shape, the realisation of an Astronomic Observatory destine... Montone_maps
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