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The Castellieri of Montegabbione
The elements of fortification of which the territory is sprinkled, ancient trace in the landscape of Montegabbione

Travelling toward Montegabbione is not quite difficult to perceive on the summit of a high ground one of that typical elements of its landscape, the Castellieri, enclosures turned to fortification since the age of the bronze and re-used, widened and developed during the Middle Ages. Some of them have resulted in real suburbs and fortresses. Among the most representative it is worth to mention those of Torricella, of Poggio Murale, Poggio della Croce and the Montarale.

Same Montegabbione rose in medieval epoch, on the escort of a pre-existing Roman site, for purely defensive purposes, as it still shows the urban order. It's a well preserved suburb and endowed with a solid surrounded building, whose buildings spread radially beginning from the Castle, that dominates the whole inhabited area from the top of the hill. The entry of the village is endowed with a mighty tower that polls from what remains of some lines of the ancient boundaries.

Despite has a slightly decentralised position that sets it out of some of the classical itineraries, a deviation for Montegabbione is recommended to all those people that are interested in a tourism that privileges destinations not obvious but from the strong suggestions. The landscape is nearly uncontaminated and offers numerous itineraries of remarkable naturalistic and historical interest. It's particularly suitable for whoever is searching a relaxing and beneficent atmosphere, inserted in a bright and dynamic cultural context that reserves surprises of great charm. One of these are the marvellous Scarzuola, a convent complex of the XIII century completely restructured by the architect Tommaso Buzzi.
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Montegabbione: the Scarzuola, the ideal city of Tommaso Buzzi - The Convent was founded by St. Francis of Assisi in 1218, but very few thing remained of the ancient building before the intervention of restoration of To... Montegabbione_country_houses
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