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Montefranco: a suburb on the Nera
Montefranco is a picturesque suburb that preserves largely its medieval urban structure, visible especially in the two main doors that regulated the influx in the city centre, the Porta Spoletina and the Porta Franca. It's located on a high ground in the Valley of the Nera, surrounded by woods, oaks and olive. Its origin goes back to the XI-XII century around, certainly in a period anterior to 1228, when some characters abandoned Arrone to escape to the overbalances of the local wicked squires, sheltering themselves in the ancient Hill of Bufone, attached to the dominion of Spoleto.

One of the most suggestive architectural elements of Montefranco is certainly the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, so call in sign of respect to the Cattedrale of Spoleto. The plant is of medieval origin, therefore Romanesque, even if suffered substantial changes around the first years of 1400.
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