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Montecchio and the Necropolis of Copio
At Montecchio, splendid medieval suburb, in the years '70s have been recovered the Necropolis of Copio, sign of the existence of a vast pre-Roman installation on the banks of the Tiber

The city of Montecchio firmly preserves a medieval plant, developed beginning from the XI-XII century, when every installation on the Italian ground destroyed from the periodic barbaric invasions and the forced populations to shelter on the high ground. It rose so a first entourage of boundaries, then a second, following the inhabited area that expanded all around the ancient castle.

Only one door conducted into the heart of the suburb, the south-east one, with round arc and surmounted from a tower, now accompanied by Porta Nova, that opens on the north-western side of the village.

To visit the characteristic Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which construction goes back to the XV century, but whose actual aspect is due to an intervention of the XVII. To the inside numerous paintings and frescos are preserved. It's important to see a precious table contained in a wooden oval frame of valuable style representing the '' Madonna among the Angels ''.

In the second halves last century has been find a marvellous pre-Roman necropolis, a vast installation on the left shore of the Tiber, along Fosso San Lorenzo, datable around the centuries VII-IV B.C. In the inside of the area has been organised an itinerary that, for over two kilometres, conducts the visitor in an tour that conjugates more properly the archaeological aspects with the natural and environmental beauties.

The solutions offered to who had to choose Montecchio as a place of vacation, or as simple occasional destination, are numerous, and all of extreme interest. A sharp pain naturalistic background plot of paths which allow to taste the fragrant aroma of the landscape, preserved entire as well entire are the typical city centres.

Nature and culture cohabit at best in the commune of Montecchio, where besides the important archaeological site, the tourist is spellbounded from the castles and the medieval suburbs, from the abundant and typical cultivation of the olive and from the typical products that the nature offers, like chestnuts, mushrooms and the meat of wild boar, prepared and served in special way during the summer Medieval Dinner.
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The Umbrian-Etruscan Necropolis of Montecchio - Discovery around 1970 near the Tiber, behind the farm Copio, the necropolis of Montecchio testifies the presence of a vast Etruscan installation that ... Montecchio_country_houses
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