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Monte Castello di Vibio: the miniature of Italy
A contained beauty in one hand, in a village where the surprises are contained one inside the other in a sophisticated game of Chinese boxes

Monte Castello di Vibio introduces itself to the visitor as the antithesis of all of what is already seen, already done and known. A series of marvellous experiences are reserved to whom has the fortune to pass in that suburb, set apart, out of the great tourist circuits. But this increase its charm. It's one of the most beautiful places in Umbria, and it certainly deserves a small deviation. In Monte Catello di Vibio all seems done to surprise. The village is embraced full with a sight, to the such point that seems it can be contained in one hand. It seems a real bonbonnière, elegantly embroidered by bricks, lanes and suggestive corners. A spellbound quiet reigns sovereign, where the man can serenely recover a deep relationship with himself, with the time and with the space. But do not believe that all resolves in an apparent flat calm. The vitality of the minute suburb is testified by the wish of its inhabitants that from 1808 have endowed Mounte Castello di Vibio of a jewel set in the beautiful middle of the village: the Teatro della Concordia. A real theatre, with stage, gallery, foyer and stage, and with an unusual, enviable record: it is the smallest theatre of the world. Just 99 seats, 37 in the separated stage in five files and the rest in the two orders of the gallery. In the 50 square meters of stage, every year one fed series of shows gives a memorable theatrical season. This allows the tour operators to furnish a service particular service as the packet '' Weekend in Umbria '', including a typical dinner, accommodation, breakfast and theatre tickets.

The cultural vocation of Monte Castello di Vibio is also expressed welcoming in the summer period the boys of the courses of the International School of Painting, Drawing and Sculptures. An advanced course organized for the American artists that have found their own ideal place in Monte Castello, made of paths, landscapes, views and foreshortenings all to paint and to represent.
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