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Massa Martana, where the history ''passes''
At Massa Martana is possible to go along the traces of the Via Flaminia, fundamental street of Roman communication that connected Rome with Rimini

At Massa Martana the history has left clear signs of its passage: the via Flaminia. The construction of this fundamental artery for the Roman Empire goes back to the 220 B.C., wanted from the censor Caio Flaminio, and connected Rome with Rimini. The work was imposing and the signs are still visible in the territory. An example is Bridge Fonnaia, realized for overcoming the waters of a river. The grandiose structure in blocks of travertine, admirably preserved, is currently stable. But not only. The transit street created with the construction of the via Flaminia, gave the impulse to the whole surrounding zone, stimulating the creation of Roman symbol places. At brief distance from the Bridge Fonnaia, the Christian Catacombs of Villa San Faustino can be visited, they go back to the IV-V century and are the only and single testimony in Umbria of that kind. But there is more than this. It followed the construction of the Flaminia the building of one of the most populous lived centres of the zone, Carsulae, city that in the years assumed a role of usual greater importance. Carsulae was crossed by the Flaminia just in the middle, giving place so to the decumano, around which rose the main buildings. The classical structure '' to cross '' of Roman roads was completed by the thistle, that connected the Forum to the buildings destined to the amusing and show.

A sky opened lesson, among travertine blocks, bridges, roads and catacombs, where the history passed and left its imprint.
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