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Marsciano, the Furnace of Umbria
At Marsciano the most meaningful production of the excellent Tile, today documented and illustrated in the ambitious project of the Dynamic Museum

Marsciano distinguishes itself in Umbria for the excellent production of Tile, precious material whose workmanship has marked big part of its history, a history not yet concluded. This ancient and fruitful association between the city and the Tile is celebrated by the Tile and Brickwork Dynamic Museum an agile structure displaced in various points of the territory of Marsciano. Pulsating heart of the museum is Palazzo Pietromarchi, in which numerous manufactured articles are guarded and from which are issued the paths that conduct to the other centres of the Museum. From here a path departs for visiting the two Furnaces of San Fortunato and that of Compignano, both dated around the XVIII century and restored in 2002. Visiting these ancient furnaces is possible cross every single stage of tile handicraft workmanship in the pre-industrial epoch. Other sites of the circuit of the museum are at Spina, fraction of Marsciano, where in the wine cellar of the castle are described the various activities that characterised the life of a furnace. Another section is found in the suburb of Compignano, where is possible to cross the genealogical traces of a family of backer, with tools and manufactured articles. The Museum valorises in very effective way the traditional vocation of Marsciano, making protagonist of its own history every corner of territory and valorising in suitable way that ancient expression resulting from the manual job of the man, today so out of fashion but for that reason attracts the looks and the interest of the most careful ones.
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