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Magione, between horses and knights a history of old men and new circuits
A visit in the place that puts in comparison the ancient runs of the Templar Knights and a modern auto circuit

It belongs to the collective history of Europe the whole epic of the fearless Knights that from every part of the Christian world they went to Jerusalem to defend the Saint Sepulchre. But Jerusalem wasn't the only destination preferred by believers and Knights. There was another place worthy of the maximum devotion to which a pilgrimage could not be denied: Santiago de Compostela. And then Rome. These three places constituted in the ancient world a real circuit of the faith, and any Christian could escape to cross it. Just to meet the pilgrims' needs, that at least once in the life wanted to testify with a holy trip their devotion starting toward one of these destinations, rose a Hospice, a refuge, today Castello dei Cavalieri di Malta of Magione. Its construction goes back to years 1150-1170 and was subsequently lived by the Templar Knights and then from the Knights of Malta, who are still its owners.

Another circuit, much more recent but of sure charm, is the one that populates the dreams of another team of followers, the fanatics of the motor and the speed. Another race of horses paws near Magione, mechanical horses that make some acceleration theirs believe, of the brake theirs fierce enemy, which have replaced the ancient '' hospitium '' a more prosaic team of playpen. Obviously we are speaking about the autodrome of Umbria, risen at Magione more than thirty years ago, today neuralgic centre of the umbrian motor activity and not only.

In Magione is possible to travel in the most hidden and suggestive meander, losing themselves behind the stories and the mysterious images linked to the epic enterprises of the Templaris and the Knights of Malta, or to travel on hundreds of horses to hundreds of kilometres-hour. It's your choice.
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