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All the castles of Lisciano Niccone
Discovering Corridoio Bizantino (Byzantine Corridor), street of communication garrisoned by fortresses, castles and fortitudes

The conformation of the territory of Lisciano Niccone is strongly characterised by the strategic importance assumed with the realisation of the so-called Corriodio Bizantino, a street of communication that connected Rome to Ravenna, protected along its run from castles and structures of fortification. So today remains on the bank of Lisciano a good number of defensive buildings built around the year 1000 (some sustain that goes back even to the centuries VI and VII), that recall those built on the opposite Tuscan bank. The defensive system foresaw the construction of a couples of strengthened structures one in front of the other, set to garrison the Corridor. One of them is the Castello of Lisciano, built around the IX-X century, others are the Castello of Sorbello and the Castello of Reschio, just at the border between Umbria and Tuscany. They were built just before the XI century, and for a long time contended among the local dominions of Città dei Castello, Florence and Perugia for its dominant strategic position. The state of their maintenance is good and introduces many of its Renaissance characters, sign of the remaking of which they were object during the time.

All these places can be visited thanks to the numerous itineraries and Trekking Itineraries suitable on the territory, to make afoot or with horse. With its 700 scarce inhabitants, its hills, the green valley of the river Niccone, Lisciano offers serenity, calm, peace and the ancient harmony of its landscapes, absorbed in an oasis of particular environmental merit.
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