Restaurant Il Caminetto - Cascia


Il Caminetto, situated right in the historical centre of Cascia, only to 30 metres from the Basilica of S.Rita, has maintained a real sense of hospitality. Ideal for those who want to re-live the age old values and tastes, this family-run restaurant, where the research and refinement of the flavours are particularly cared for, bring back to life the gastronomic  traditions of Cascia and of Umbria.

The Truffle

It is thanks to the diffused presence of woods, bushes and undergrowth, long rows of oak trees with their roots coming from the stones of the Mesozoic age, that our region, Umbria, is a privileged land for the production of this excellent spontaneous mushroom. Unfortunately, its aroma can be chemically imitated and sometimes unscrupulous restorers administer it as oil or sauce on the food. There is only one way to safeguard the customer: always ask for the truffle to be sliced directly onto the dish. Among other things, this is the correct culinary method for serving truffles and maintaining its indisputable, aromatic quality.           


Restaurant Il Caminetto
Via Vespasia Polla, 3 -  06043 Cascia (PG)

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: Ristorante Il Caminetto