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Guardea, center of the ''Planetary Conscience''
The city of Guardea rises on a hill leaned on the Tiber river, offering a grandiose panorama that extends to the whole surrounding valley. The territory was lived since the Roman epoch, a fact testified by numerous finds recovered in the zone as fragments of mosaics, ceramics and coins. The first real city nucleus goes back to the 880, when on the top of the hill over the actual Guardea was built a castle strengthened to protect the zone.

It will be in the XVII century that the inhabitants of Guardea went down more to valley, progressively abandoning the castle and building a new city nucleus around the actual Palazzo del Municipio, ancient centre of the counts of Marsciano.

In the city centre, there is the elegant Parish Church to visit, inside which notable paintings are guarded, among which the '' Annunciation '', work of the XVIII century of Jacopo Zoboli and a beautiful altarpiece of the XVI century attributed to Liotardo Piccioli, representing the '' 'Last Supper ''.

In the Church of Sant'Egidio, realized between the XIII and XIV century, other valuable paintings are found, one of which it is the '' St. Vito '', realized in the XVIII century from Sebastiano Ceccarini, painter born in Fano in 1703, famous above all for his portraits.

But the most suggestive place of Guardea is the monumental sculpture that is found in the Park equipped for the leisure time, the arc of Planetary Conscience, realized picking up bricks coming from shed foreign city in every part of the earth, given by the respective mayors. It was realised in 2001 as sign of peace, of cohabitation and brotherhood between the people and the nations, so that each could '' to Live in way that the other ones can also live '', as it recites the registration on the summit of the arc.

A visit in the city of Guardea can't end without a trip to the ancient Castle, native centre of the suburb. Still today are visible and well preserved the boundaries that delimit the whole perimeter, the system of towers and the central body of the fortitude.
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