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The secret of the ceramics of Gualdo Tadino
Gualdo Tadino, the vital economic centre in which from centuries are produced ceramics worked of thin quality

For centuries at Gualdo Tadino generations of artisans are handed from father to child the precious secret that have driven in the years their wise hands in the art of work the ceramics. The ceramics of Gualdo Tadino are not as the others, they have never been as the others, but they are always distinguished for their decorations, for the wealth of the ornaments, for the hulling of the finishes. This has been possible thanks to an extraordinary technique of workmanship used by the artisan of Gualdo and unknown to all the others. This extraordinary technique allowed them to work the ceramics applying decorations made of precious metals as gold and silver to the manufactured articles, getting so an amazing and effect such to arouse admiration, as much in the past centuries, as today. The art to work the ceramics is testified in Gualdo Tadino beginning from the XIII century, but traces of the workmanship of the majolica are had even in prehistoric epoch. As always happens the traditions have deep roots and, if cultivated, they never stop giving marvellous fruits. At Gualdo Tadino this tradition is still alive and present in the whole city, as it shows the active and profitable local production. Further to be famous in Italy and in the world, the ceramic of Gualdo receive the correct celebration in the two permanent exhibitions devoted to them, the Umbrian Ceramic Centre and the Gallery of Modern Ceramic art, entirely devoted to the local production.

The artistic vocation of the city is exalted every year in the International Contest of the Ceramics, where numerous artists coming from different countries meet to create rich manufactured articles, precious and original, collected in an exposure that shows the evolution of the modern art of the workmanship of the ceramics.
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