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The Castle of Giove
Giove is a characteristic medieval suburb, sets on the left shore of the Tiber, whose city centre is embellished by some architectural pearls that draw its landscape making it unmistakable. It rises on a hill near the river, in an inhabited territory already in Roman epoch and made prosperous by the neighbour Port of San Valentino, as testified by the frequent recoveries of objects of that epoch.

The nucleus of Giove is constituted from the elegant Palazzo Ducale, perhaps built in the XVI century, under duke Ciriaco Mattei's dominion. The Palazzo Ducale or Castello di Giove, it's mainly constituted by a squared body that connects two external towers, one revolt toward the Tiber river course, the other toward the Parish Church. One of the lot of peculiarities of the building resides in the unusual number of windows, exactly 365, that symbolically recall the days of the year. From the main front door an ample ramp of staircases opens, created for being crossed by horses and carriages which could nimbly come up to the noble plan.

The whole suburb maintains its own physiognomy, very gathered, narrowed in its alleys, in the low residences and in the arcs. It preserves an ancient charm that always gives new suggestions.
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The Madonna of the Perugino of Giove - It is a painting commissioned in the XVII by Francesco Caffarelli, an inhabitant of Giove coming from Perugia, and for this called by his citizens '' The Perugin... Giove_country_houses
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