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Giano dell' Umbria, oil and wine
To the strata of the Mount Martano rises Giano dell''Umbria, marvellous medieval suburb a little bit out of the classical places of the mass tourism, but broadly known by the connoisseurs and by the more careful travellers. A lot of attractions of big merit are found in its territory, beginning from a landscape and a panorama that is never banal, giving splendid views of Spoleto, Perugia and Todi.

The featuring element is certainly the plant of the olive, a strongly symbolic plant, which makes of Giano dell'Umbria a place of election in the circuit of the cities of excellence in the field of the oeno-gastronomic products. It is in fact situated in the heart of the zone of production of the extra-virgin-oil DOP of the Colli Martani, a territory from the ancient vocation, where secular cares have made the oil of Giano a product researched from the most careful gourmets.

The oil of Giano dell'Umbria suffers less quantity of treatments, so it's ready just when out of the crusher. But its true peculiarity consists in the secular culture that beginning from the Roman epoch has made famous the cultivation of olive practised in the outskirts of Colli Martani. Subsequently they were the monks appropriated in that zone to recover the tradition, selecting during ages oil-trees and territories among the fittest and most productive. Today the oil of Giano is known and admired for its elevated quality and the typical features that make it an oil of yielded taste, pleasant, delicate and harmonious.

Real arboreal monument is the olive of Macciano, an old giant vegetable of over thousand years, sets along the road that goes from Giano toward the fraction of Macciano.

However not only oil is produced in Giano dell'Umbria. Its territory is also known for the vines and for the good quality of the produced wine, since the zone enters in the border delimited by the disciplinary that regulates the production of the Sagrantino of Montefalco, the famous Umbrian DOCG. To conjugate tasting and places of art, the manufacturing communes are associated, promoting an itinerary, the '' Road of Sagrantino '', a run that crosses the cities of Montefalco, Gualdo Cattaneo, Bevagna, Castel Ritaldi and Giano dell'Umbria.
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