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Fratta Todina: the Franciscan suggestions of a medieval suburb
Fratta Todina is a small village of medieval origin that nearly maintains intact its structure of ancient strengthened suburb. Narrowed inside mighty boundaries built in the XIV century, it develops around one single road. The main construction in its inside is the splendid Palazzo Altieri, built in the XVI century on wish of the bishop of Todi, Angelo Cesi, inhabited subsequently also from the cardinal Altieri, to whom the most greater part of the interventions of enrichment and embellishment are owed. Today the building is of ownership of the Handmaids of the Merciful love, turned it into a centre of recovery for disabled boys, transformed so in the '' Center of the Hope ''. It's possible however to visit it and admire its the splendid gardens, the marvellous games of water of the fountains, a result of complex and clever hydraulic works. The floors are embellished by precious decorum, while in the inside is preserved a rich gallery of frescos of Roman school.

Not too far from the city centre it's situated the Convent of Santa Maria della Spineta, a place symbol of the ancient Franciscan tradition. The news about it goes back at least up to 1291, while the cloister has been built in 1394. It's situated in the most elevated point of Fratta Todina, above which a suggestive panorama can be admired that embraces the valley of Todi and Perugia. Centre of the Franciscan spirituality and landscape oasis, as well as place of art. In its inside is contained a fresco of Giovanni di Pietro said the '' Spagna '', the '' Nativity '', today exposed in the Vatican Museums, which copy is exposed in the room of the Consiglio Comunale.
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