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In Fossato di Vico the ''wrinkles'' that never make look older
At Fossato di Vico the whole particularity of the '' wrinkles '', characteristic road system of rare beauty

Every suburb possesses its own charm and Fossato di Vico doesn't make exception. In this small centre an ancient medieval air can be breathed, since everything has remained as it was and everything is at its place. The total maintenance of architectural and urban elements nearly allow the visitor to enter into a fairy climate, where it's not always easy to distinguish the reality from the imagination. Besides the typical characters medieval Fossato di Vico possesses a particular road structure, the '' wrinkles '', a tangled net of channels covered with vaults in round stone, with acute arcs and in some case also with a truss in boarding. These are narrow roads, low and covers thought for defensive purposes crossing which is not difficult to feel as catapulted in another time. They are a rare example of architecture of the epoch, when the constructions were made for lasting and to never grow old.
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Cima Mutali, one "gust" of energy for Fossato di Vico - In the commune of Fossato di Vico, in Cima Mutali has been realised a Aeolian Plant for the production of electric energy, composed by two aerogenerators and a Aeolian Stu... Fossato_di_Vico_country_houses
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