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The castles of Ficulle
The beauties of a medieval suburb and its castles

Ficulle maintains intact its medieval taste, to the eyes of the visitor assuming a castled aspect and gathered around Castel Maggiore and to its tower, a real city icon. The narrow streets, are untied along the set houses the one on the others, in a game of compressed spaces of ancient taste. The constructions are entirely built in tile, bricks and stone, realizing overall an urban chromatism from the very personal character. The native city nucleus is identified in the inclusive suburb within the two doors, like two are the main churches: Santa Maria Nuova, of the XVI century and Santa Maria Vecchia, that once was a parish, from the delicious Gothic structure and from the beautiful thirteenth-century portal.

The whole territory of Ficulle appears dominated from an alternation of valleys, hills and enchanting suburbs, memory of a medieval past during which every centimetre of ground had to be passionately defended. Among the many deserving places of a standstill we remember the suburb of Badia, Monte nibbio, Versciano and Roteansalva, each of which possesses proper and suggestive peculiarity.

To who is interested to cross open spaces in the purest and uncontaminated nature we suggest to penetrate in the Elmo and Melonta Natural and Protected area, a vast environmental reserve where practically there are no inhabited centres, but only healthy air and local fauna. Luxuriant woods and clear waters, so clear to host the rare shrimps of river, are the suitable contour for excursions and walks in places totally preserved.
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