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The two towers of Ferentillo
The two fortresses of Ferentillo watching the Valley of Nera, a fortification system to defence of the Abbazia di San Pietro in Valle

The origin of Ferentillo goes back to the VIII century, to the epoch in which the king of the Longobards Liutprando came to the Valley of Nera from the old city of Ferento, colonizing this portion of Umbria. The importance of the strategic position is testified by its urban structure with the residences distributed along the two ridges of the valley that connect toward the end of the river course. To protect the territory it is risen in fact a strong defensive system, characterized by the presence of a solid boundaries provided of towers, direct emanation of the two separate castles, the one of Precetto to the left, and of Mattarella to the right, both fourteenth-century ones. The whole community of Ferentillo developed to protect of the near Abbazia di San Pietro in Valle, which became a quite wide feud. The legend tells that the hermits Lazzaro and Giovanni, searching an isolated and solitary place, in the IV century they were stopped few away from Ferentillo, giving life to a hermitage that some centuries later would be turned into the actual abbey. This primarily happened thanks to work of Faroaldo II, duke of Spoleto, who in the VIII century built the church and the monastery which adopted the rule of San Benedetto. Faroaldo took orders and after his dead his bare were buried in the abbey. The complex today is of ownership of private.

Ferentillo's particularity resides in being a city clearly subdivided in two stumps, each one set on the two sides of the protection ridge of the valley. The nucleus that takes the name from Matterello extends along the coast of Mount Gabbio, it possesses an imposing fortress endowed with the donjon and the boundaries. Two are the churches around which the suburb is built, the Church of Saint Maria, built in the '200s but retouched in the XVI century and the Church of San Giovanni Battista.

The suburb of Precetto too preserves a mighty system of fortification with embattled boundaries and towers to protect the side set on Mount Sant'Angelo. To the thirteenth-century part is added the most recent one, developed beginning from the XVI and XVII century, following the course of the underlying lowland. The most important building of this part of the suburb is certainly the Parish Church of Santo Stefano, a building of the '200s in whose crypt have been recovered the famous mummies.
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The Mummies of Ferentillo - In the crypt of the Parish Church of Santo Stefano is possible to admire a phenomenon worthy of the maximum attention for the rarity with which is verified. It's ab... Ferentillo_country_houses
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