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Deruta the '' City of the Majolica ''
Basing the testimonies the ceramics production is attested to Deruta since the XIII century, even if the recovery of some finds allows to suppose that such activity is initiated in more ancient times. In the first period the production appears limited to the objects of daily use, but beginning from the XV century a series of graphic innovations and aesthetics allow the ceramics of Deruta to reach incomparable aesthetical levels. The objects become flushed of new tones, the yellow, the orange and the blue are introduced, besides the original decorations forms are placed, side by side, inspired to floral motives, zoomorph and grotesque. The presence of artists and teachers in the workmanship of the ceramics enriches the production of real masterpieces, required by the of Francis Church of Deruta, Santa Maria Maggiore of Spello and for the San Pietro Church of Perugia. It's calculated that during the '500 at Deruta were active well 52 furnaces. The huge presence of furnaces and laboratories pushed artists and artisans to get organized in guild, editing a statute that safeguarded the category and its products.

Today the art of the workmanship of the majolica is present as at that times, making of the town a swarm of laboratories and factories that the ancient tradition continues.

To safeguard its own peculiarities the city of Deruta is endowed with a '' Disciplinary of Artistic and Traditional Ceramic Production '', assuming a proper mark, '' Artistic and Traditional Ceramics ''. The production disciplinary regulates the quality of the product, assures its continuity and fidelity to the tradition, assuring the buyers for what concerns the origin zone of the objects, the firm and the typology, exactly as if it were a oenologic or gastronomic product.

Besides this, Deruta is partner founder of the Italian Association City of the Ceramics, born in 1999, a net that connects the historical zones of production of the artistic ceramics.
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