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The Karstic suggestions of Costacciaro
The hidden surprises of a territory and its marvellous underground world

Placed in the beautiful Mount Cucco Regional Park, rises Costacciaro, a medieval suburb that was able to preserve the main features of its origins. The ancient urban structure is linked to the environmental and naturalistic vocation of the territory. The zone of Costacciaro is primarily known for its caves that crosses the subsoil, noted with the name Mount Cucco Cave, from the extension of 30 kilometres and depth of almost 1000 meters. Such features, besides the extraordinary beauty and suggestion of the spelaeologic itineraries, make this Karsic system unique in its kind. To fully enjoy the marvellous natural scenery of the caves in Costacciaro was born a special Spelaeleologic School, to allow an easy excursion in the complex system. The whole documentation and the testimonies found during ages are collected in the Caves and Karsic environment of Mount Cucco Museum, located in the ex San Marco Church. An underground world all to reveal is hidden under the surface of Mount Cucco, made of wells, caves, natural amphitheatres, a complex monument that the nature has modelled drop after drop. A spellbound tour among saloons frescoed by the water, among the rock and the time it comes out the Cattedrale, the Garden of Stone and the Room of the Fountains, where bright columns and candid crystals serve as decoration to one of the most intense experiences that the man can face. The depth of the caves seems to conduct directly toward the centre of the earth, pulsating heart of the surface life, where is possible to be in contact with the primitive strengths of the nature.

The whole itinerary is not reserved only to the fans of spelaeology. There is also a complex of caves accessible to the less experienced visitors. It's a run as well suggestive and of great beauty, composed by the White Cave and the Fairies Cave, the Grove Abyss, the Hidden Cave and the Caves of the Dragon. These are marvellous caves that open on spellbound sceneries, of fable, where every form assumes a proper sense and every shade becomes animated.
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