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The suburb of Corciano between the mountains and the lake
Corciano is a delicious medieval suburb, from which a splendid panorama can be enjoyed, situated in good position in the outskirts of Perugia among the hills and the waters of the lake Trasimeno.

The great charm of its historical centre has guaranteed to Corciano the inclusion in the prestigious catalogue of the Most beautiful Suburbs in Italy, an association that indicates the places of excellence that typically distinguish for the attention reserved to the maintenance of a medieval atmosphere and the maintenance of their own historical and artistic good. Moreover the elevated offered services level and the good quality life guaranteed both to the inhabitants and to the tourists, will find at Corciano solutions able to satisfy every needs.

The nature is generous and offers in its thousand facets. In the territory of Corciano it emerges in all of its massive structure Monte Malbe, on whose summit rises the Trinity Park a place equipped for excursions, trips or simple walks and promenades.

The mountainous and hilly landscape marries the lake Trasimeno, as well easily reachable, making the natural environment of the territory variegated and rich of charm.
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The Museum of the Country House of Corciano - It is found in the full historical centre of Corciano, and it constitutes an anthropological and sociological operation of the maximum importance. It's a precious d... Corciano_country_houses
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