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The green paths of Collazzone
Environmental itineraries among beauties natural and ancient crushers

To take a walk in Collazzone is not an any experience. Every itinerary is a total immersion in a green oasis where the nature is speaking and the whole rest is in silence, quiet and calm. At Collazzone is found an interesting net of paths that is unravelled in a sharp plot of naturalistic runs, along which is possible to stop and to enjoy some beauties that the Umbrian country possesses. The environment and the landscapes they allows to be admired from the visitor, which he will meet varied typologies of typical flora and fauna. The paths cross besides zones that disclose the signs of ancient activities, as the ruins of convents, castles, or the dismiss mine of lignite, active up to the end of the Second World War. A stop is recommended near the source of sulphur water. But a visit to the territory of Collazzone cannot exclude none of its six fractions, each of which reserve unexpected surprises. In each one there is something unique, of really unique and not repeatable. Assignano, Canalicchio, Casalalta, Collepepe, Gaglietole and Piedicolle are of the marvellous suburbs of ancient medieval origin in some case of even Roman derivation. Besides the charm of the places in the whole town territory is produced an appreciated extra-virgin-oil, a product of ancient tradition, as numerous documents and the presence of old crushers scattered anywhere on the whole territory attest. This characterises numerous dishes of the local gastronomy, offering, returning from green paths, some good gastronomic itineraries.
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