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Città di Castello, the outpost of the Renaissance in Umbria
The Renaissance beauties of Città di Castello, border territory between Tuscany and Umbria

Città di Castello is an unique place in Umbria and there is no similar, thanks to many features that differentiate it from the main cities of the region. There is almost no trace of its medieval past, darkened by the shine and by the fasts of the Renaissance. In Città di Castello is spoken a dialect that doesn't remember even none of the main typically Umbrian dialects. In Città di Castello, there is more Tuscany than Umbria, more Renaissance than Middle Ages. This difference makes it unique and fascinating in the panorama of the Umbrian beauties.

The ancient Tifernum Tiberinum reaches the apex of its greatness when, beginning from the second halves the '400, the dominion of the Vitelli removed every richness to the rival families, earning the right to govern the whole territory. From that moment it was a blooming of buildings, a converge of artists that decidedly contributed to turn Città di Castello into an urban Renaissance complex. They rose then four buildings of family; artists of the calibre of Signorelli, Vasari, Rafael and Rosso Fiorentino satisfied the idea of greatness and magnificence that populated the imaginary of the family Vitelli. Among so many suburbs and fortitudes, Città di Castello shows all of its grace, the lightness and the nobility showing proud its difference and its vanity.
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The contemporary art at Città di Castello: Alberto Burri - Alberto Burri was born in Città di Castello in 1915 and begins to paint in the field of imprisonment of Hereford, in Texas, where he had been ... Citta_di_Castello_country_houses
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