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The '' romantic '' Middle Ages of Citerna
A sentimental itinerary among the '' Lover's promenade'' and the '' Medeival promenades''

Citerna is a small and calm centre of medieval origin, placed above a hill in position dominating the High Tiber Valley and its two fractions, Pistrino and Fighille. The panorama enjoyed leaning out toward the Appennino is of absolute beauty embracing the fertile lowland of the Tiber, the Verna, the Subasio and the mountains of Gubbio. The urban centre is very suggestive, fixed in a suspended epoch, between ancient constructions and the fascinating '' Medieval Promenades'', which in the past was line of overseeing garrisoned by soldiers, but today is a romantic run that coasts almost fully the perimeter of the boundaries. Another romantic itinerary is the one offered by the marvellous promenade of the XVI century, said '' of the persons in love '', inside Palazzo Prosperi. In this spellbound suburb, primarily devoted to the agriculture, to the craftsmanship and the small commerce, every thing seems to invite the visitor to admire it, to let contemplate the panorama, of its remote buildings, having a break from all of what is daily, usual and already seen.
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