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Cerreto di Spoleto, a village in the forest
Cerreto di Spoleto is a quite particular village with the characteristic physiognomy of a village, that had to fight for its independence and for its survival for many centuries. Situated on one of the summits which stand out and open onto one of the many gorges of the Valnerina, Cerreto di Spoleto owes its position and its look to its important strategic role in the Middle Ages. The castle rose at the confluence of the valleys of the rivers Vigi and Nera, with its fortifications and enclosed by a double wall, as was fortified the village below, too.

Today big parts of the walls of the whole defence system remain visible, one of the six town gates and a high control tower, that ends in a belfry.

These are the instruments with which Cerreto had to defence itself for a long time, one moment from Spoleto, next from the Papal States and Norcia, and its full self-government was recognized only beginning from the unity of Italy.

The town centre of Cerreto di Spoleto develops in a distinctly linear way, with a single street crossing the ridge while the smaller streets which start in the lower zones are directed towards the town centre.

The panorama one can enjoy from its terraces is definitely among the most charming ones of the Valnerina and of whole Umbria. From the street which leads towards the town centre one can admire the mountains, that rise above the Valnerina, in all their majesty, their luxuriant forests and the successive valleys, offering to the eyes a really unforgettable view.

The most precious building of Cerreto di Spoleto is the church Chiesa dell'Annunziata, that has medieval origins and an aisleless nave with a stone portal from the 16th century.

Inside is a beautiful octagonal font in the form of a small temple, with relief figures from 1546 and ''Our Lady of the Rosary'' by Felice Damiani, painted in 1583.

Close to Cerreto di Spoleto is the Santuario della Madonna della Stella (Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Star), an ancient hermitage which is deserted, but nevertheless the aim of visitors who go to see the cells and the small church, accessible by steps which were carved into the rock. Nearby the hermitage a verdant meadow and a pure spring attract locals and tourists who find a pleasant and relaxing place where they can spend the day in complete harmony with nature.
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