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The fortitude of Castel Viscardo
A centre from the ancient Etruscan past, developed under the impulse of Guiscardo di Pietrasanta and the Monaldeschi

Castel Viscardo is situated above a hill around 500 meters high, near the highland of Alfina, from the very picturesque and characteristic aspect. Dominant element of the urban landscape is the monumental fortitude, Castello di Madonna Antonia, built beginning from the 1300 and remodelled in the '500 on wish of Pietro Monaldeschi. It's in this period that the building assumes its actual shape, a mighty and imposing interpretation of the Renaissance forms. Two big cylindrical towers join an ample open gallery and the mighty boundaries. The visual impact with the castle is very suggestive, beginning from the depth ditch that surrounds it, to end in the side that opens to the country's entrance, composed by an arc surmounted by an eighteenth-century clock culminating in a bell tower. The castle belonged to the noblewoman Antonia Monaldeschi, who has tied its name to the fortitude, feeding myths and legends on the presumed apparitions of her ghost that in the nights of full moon would wander in the rooms of the castle. All around it develops an attractive town, where the tourist can choose among numerous initiatives. To the fan of the flight, we remember the activity that develops on the highland of Alfina, where an airport wanted in 1936 has been readapted to air-surface exploited for tourist and sporting purposes, where is possible to take off gliders and small airplanes.
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